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We are recruiting! Feel free to sign up for our site. Please include your in-game-name in your application so that we may invite you into the guild. :3
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Welcome to the best guild on the server!

Please excuse the mess while our site is being reconfigured. :D

  But until everything is sorted out, feel free to get posting.

Guild Rules

Be courteous to each other. Everyone will need help at some point and without aid 
for quests characters and the guild will not grow.

Be active. If problems arise where you cannot connect to the game for a period of
time, PLEASE let a higher ranking member know or post in any of the guild
message boards. Inactive members will be removed from the guild after one (1)
month of inactivity. Members who have been removed have the option of
reapplying to the guild.

Guild quests are a requirement. The more guild fame members acquire the
more the guild can grow. It shouldn't be a hard task to do at least one quest per day,
especially since you can complete as many as you want in order to stack enough
fame for more days. If you are doing a run of guild quests, let the guild know.
Quests are completed quicker in a party. Dungeon guild quests also give more
fame compared to normal GQs.

Keep drama to a minimum. We understand that some drama can form. Please let
a higher ranking guild member know about any issues you may have within the guild.

We are a family. Treat each other as such. We're all playing this game for fun and we're all
we're all working towards the same goal. Please keep any rude comments to yourself.
We understand joking and tolerate it to a point like normal human beings.

Present the guild in a positive light. Members of the guild can reflect on the guild's image with their actions.
Don't be a douche!

Cheating and/or hacking will get you kicked from the guild.

Be patient. If someone can't help you at the time you ask for help, that doesn't give you,
or at least I hope it shouldn't, reason to leave the guild. People can be AFK, busy with a dungeon,
or any other number of reasons. Waiting on a quest isn't going to kill you.
Guild News

First Guild Boss Slaughter

DeviousKit, Jul 24, 11 11:43 PM.
Added another event. Please check out the calendar and edit your attendance accordingly. Thanks!

First Guild Event

DeviousKit, Jul 18, 11 12:53 PM.
Please note that we have our first guild event scheduled for this coming Saturday! Check out the Event for more details.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DeviousKit, Jun 25, 11 6:52 PM.
Started the guild website.
So-and-so has logged on!